Mother Us is a family attunement consultancy specializing in nighttime parenting support and holistic sleep practices for well-rested parents and babies.

Our offerings

Overnight Doula Support

Navigating nights during the first days and weeks with a newborn is a journey. From day one, I create opportunities for families to sleep with overnight care that is responsive and nurturing to babies and reassuring and educational for parents.

Get Your Baby to Sleep Without ‘Cry It Out’

Babies sleep better with a daily experience anchored in a foundation of consistency and rhythm. I offer developmentally appropriate, holistic sleep coaching for babies 0 – 5 months. Parents learn family-centered strategies to support nighttime sleep for their babies.

Sleep Shaping

NICU and Preemie Support

Get support while navigating the NICU and bringing your baby home. I know the NICU journey has its ups and downs. It’s also common to experience complex emotions when your baby is born prematurely or has special needs. If you’re seeking a compassionate guide who has walked this path and understands your experience, reach out to me.

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