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Sustainable Sleep Support for Newborn Parents

Comprehensive Overnight Doula Support

Mother Us is a family attunement consultancy specializing in nighttime parenting support and holistic sleep practices for well-rested parents and babies. My holistic approach to newborn parenting focuses on guiding you to find a balance between your and your baby’s needs. Through education and hands-on support, you will learn how to read your baby’s cues and create adaptable routines, all while prioritizing bonding and harmony for the entire family.

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Nurturing Healthy Sleep Foundations

Supporting the natural progression of newborn sleep through holistic strategies which prioritize responsive caregiving.

Overnight Doula Support

Navigating nights with a newborn is a journey. As a night doula, I create opportunities for newborn parents to sleep up to 8 hours. Babies receive responsive, nurturing, and respectful caregiving, while parents get reassuring and educational sleep support. Getting enough sleep improves the well-being of newborn families and lessens the impact of sleep deprivation.

Holistic Sleep Coaching

Get one-on-one coaching to support your baby's sleep without 'Cry It Out.' It's very possible to get a good night's sleep without compromising your parenting style, values, or intuition. My holistic sleep shaping focuses on implementing the strategies and methods to create the consistency and rhythm that creates the environment for your baby to sleep.

NICU and Preemie Mentor

I offer daily, weekly, or monthly support for families following a preterm delivery or NICU admission. It's common to experience complex emotions when your baby is in the hospital. If you're seeking a compassionate guide who has walked this path and understands your experience, I am here to offer emotional support and resources throughout your NICU journey and discharge.

I offer personalized support and education that
aligns with your family's specific needs and goals.

I’m here to guide you on your parenting journey, every step of the way:

Overnight Newborn Care

As a newborn parent, your sleep depends on how well your baby is sleeping at night. Overnight doula support ensures that you get rest while your baby receives responsive and respectful care.

Sleep Shaping

Create the framework and rhythm for your baby's independent sleep. This isn't "sleep training." It's family-centered sleep support designed to align your parenting style and your baby's needs and growth.

Breastfeeding Support

For breastfeeding families, I offer prenatal and postnatal lactation education, overnight breastfeeding and pumping support, recommendations for self-care during lactation, and referrals to additional resources when needed.

Postpartum Planning

You've probably heard the saying, "build it before you need it." Postpartum is one of those times to gather support from loved ones and professionals. I assist you in planning for the resources you need to experience a well-supported fourth trimester.

Bespoke Concierge Offerings

For families seeking comprehensive care, support is available from the time of booking until your baby is 5 months old. This all-inclusive care package encompasses various forms of in-home and virtual services, support and education.

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What My Clients Say

You made such a huge difference in our lives and in how we're raising our little one. We had no idea what we were doing before you started working with us. You got us on a great path, taught us so much, and now things are going so well. We're incredibly grateful for all of your guidance and support. We couldn't have gotten here without you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you so much for answering my desperate call and showing up for me and my family on the same day! Your presence was such a calming force and your confidence in me helped me get through a very tough time.

Overnight Doula FAQs

Nighttime newborn care provides essential sleep for parents, ensuring they feel refreshed and rested during the day with their baby.

It’s a dynamic, adaptable, approach that looks at the entire picture to create a flexible plan to support parents’ long-term sleep goals.

Regardless of when you book support, it’s going to be great for your family. However, if you’re planning ahead, I recommend booking support by the third trimester.

I generally work with families for a minimum of 6 weeks. This allows me to support them through the first couple of growth spurts and establish a framework that creates some predictability.

Typically, it ranges from 3-5 nights per week, with most families benefiting from more nights initially and gradually decreasing after the first two weeks. On average, families book 20 to 30 nights for the first six weeks postpartum.

I do travel to support families outside of Los Angeles, as well as provide virtual support.

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