Sleep shaping is a holistic approach which creates opportunities for your baby to sleep.  

We collaborate to support your baby’s nighttime sleep through observation, consistency and responsiveness.  Sleep Shaping

I teach you how to create opportunities for sleep which align with your parenting style and nighttime parenting goals.  

Using a holistic approach means we are considering all aspects of your family life; you, baby and all caregivers who are working together within the family unit. 

  • Observation allows for soothing and routines based on a holistic or whole family overview of your baby.
  • Responsiveness is the ‘tools’ we utilize to bridge the gap between your baby’s ability to self regulate and your nighttime parenting goals.
  • Consistency builds habits, predictability and solid foundations.
  • When your baby’s capacity to link sleep cycles increases and their ability to self regulate grows, independent sleep emerges organically.

We start from where you and your baby are at this moment.  A few questions I usually start with…

How are you sleeping?  

How is your baby sleeping?  

What is one thing going well already?

What is one thing you want to change right away? 

At the end of the day, I know that every family’s needs are unique and the services I offer reflect this idea. Just as you adjust to your baby’s sleep schedule, my services may be tailored to efficiently suit your family’s needs.

Sleep shaping includes:

  • Initial session: Infant sleep education + family goals
  • Sleep assessment
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Customized sleep plan
  • Implementation session: Reviewing the sleep plan and recommendations
  • Up to three 30-minute phone calls during the initial week of sleep shaping implementation
  • Unlimited audio and message support*
  • Wrap session: Assessing sleep shaping progress and planning for ongoing maintenance


The sleep shaping journey is designed to take place over a period of three weeks and is offered virtually, in person, or through a hybrid model.

Virtual sleep shaping support: $2,200

All support is provided via phone, Zoom, or Voxer.

In-person sleep shaping support: $9,500

You will receive 24 hours of in-person observation of your baby’s daily routine to guide your family’s sleep recommendations and plan. This will be followed by 3 nights of in-person implementation and hands-on support, covering bedtime to wake-up time. Aside from phone calls and messages, all support is provided in-person.

The rates for hybrid support are customized based on your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you opt for a hybrid model, prefer exclusively virtual or in-person support, or something in between, rest assured that your family’s sleep is my top priority.

Sleep Shaping Support FAQ

Q: What is the duration of the sessions?

A: The sessions typically last for about 2 hours and are conducted face-to-face (virtually or in-person) based on your booking.

Q: Is the sleep shaping support ongoing or a one-time consultation?

A: The program takes place over three weeks.

Q: What are the options for virtual or in-person sleep shaping?

A: Depending on what works best for your family, we may customize the program to be completely virtual, in-person, or a hybrid model.

Q: How do we implement the sleep shaping process?

A: We identify your goals and your baby’s sleep needs.  I provide sleep education, assessment and we work together to implement recommendations.

Q: How often do we meet?

A: We have (3) scheduled sessions as part of the program. The first session is an initial consultation, followed by a session before implementing the sleep plan, and a final session 14 days after implementing the recommendations.

Q: If I need help or want to continue working with you after the initial sleep shaping program, what options for ongoing support do you offer?

A: Although my ultimate goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to confidently sleep shape on your own, I am also available to offer support and guidance through one-time consultations or ongoing virtual support, should you need further assistance in optimizing your family’s sleep.

Take the first step towards better sleep for your family. Contact me to start your sleep shaping journey today.

* 24-hour response time, Sunday through Thursday, for all messages and queries throughout our time together.