Night Doula Services

Sleep Support for Newborn Parents

Sleep is essential! You don’t have to feel like you’re up all night, every night. Night doula support gives you options when it comes to rest.

As a night doula in Los Angeles, it’s an honor to care for families during the first weeks of their baby’s life.¬† I am present to provide nightly support and guidance as parents adapt to nighttime parenting.

Sleep support can significantly improve the well-being of newborn parents, especially those who are not accustomed to being woken repeatedly throughout the night. A night doula helps parents adjust to the challenges of parenting during the wee hours, by softening the impact of disrupted sleep, creating opportunities for larger windows of rest, and enabling parents to wake up better rested in the morning.

With overnight doula support during the fourth trimester, parents benefit from better sleep, less disruption to their circadian rhythms, and improved ability to manage round-the-clock demands of newborn care.

Nighttime parenting support increases opportunities for family sleep and lessens the impact of sleep deprivation, allowing parents to rest easier while feeling fully supported.

Night Doula Services

As an overnight postpartum doula, I see firsthand the overwhelm many parents experience in the first days.

With frequent feedings, soothing, and learning to understand your baby’s cues, it’s perfectly normal to feel that way. Understanding this, I offer compassionate care to support you in various ways. Whether you need a break for rest, guidance through supportive education, or a confidence boost, I’m there to help.

As your night doula, my priority is ensuring your rest while providing expert guidance in newborn care. You can trust me to offer tailored solutions that address your family’s specific nighttime needs. Together, from day one, we’ll establish healthy feeding and soothing routines, laying the foundation for your baby’s sleep.

My clients choose me as their night doula because I’m not only dedicated to their rest, but also committed to staying up-to-date on the latest newborn care practices. This means you can count on me for expert guidance and answers to any non-medical questions you may have, saving you valuable time and effort on research.

My ability to teach and share my knowledge means you get to focus on enjoying your baby without having to become a sleep expert yourself.

My ongoing studies and training enable me to offer an evidence-based approach to nighttime support in these areas:

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Why Choose Night Doula Care?

As you’re learning about your options for restful sleep during your newborn’s first 6-12 weeks, here are three key things to consider when choosing overnight postpartum support.

As an overnight postpartum doula, I manage nights for newborn families, providing hands-on support and education. I teach families how to interpret their baby’s cues and assist with lactation, bottle feeding, and newborn care. Additionally, I reduce wake time for newborn parents at night. I also address any questions and provide supportive guidance, offering a framework for nighttime sleep. This ensures families get the rest they need, even after my tenure.

No, overnight doulas and nurses have different roles. Nurses in the state of California are licensed or registered medical professionals who may provide medical care, such as monitoring vitals or administering medication. As an overnight doula, I focus on non-medical support, like lactation education, newborn care, and creating opportunities for you to sleep.

The main difference between a night nanny and an overnight doula lies in our areas of expertise. While both can offer nighttime support, I, as an overnight doula, have more specialized training and experience in the areas of pregnancy, postpartum recovery, lactation, and the first four months of a baby’s life. With a specialization in balancing the nighttime needs of a newborn with the sleep needs of newborn parents.

Booking Overnight Doula Support

I offer top-notch nighttime parenting support to families worldwide from my base in Los Angeles.

Whether you’re getting ready for your little one’s arrival or already at home with your baby, my services can help you get the sleep you need.

For families in Los Angeles, I offer in-home overnight care for a minimum of 20 nights, with extended options available to support you until your baby sleeps through the night. Shorter nighttime solutions are also available through my sleep coaching services.

I invite you to contact me and learn more about how I can support your nighttime parenting journey.

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Nighttime Support = More Restful Nights

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