Pretty much every pregnancy and birthing experience do not go exactly as planned.  The point is, a plan is a roadmap and when your road leads to the NICU, I offer preemie doula care and mentoring for NICU and preemie families who want guidance during this journey.

I know we often experience an outpouring of support when our baby is in the NICU. I also know how isolating it may feel to have a preemie or a baby with special needs.

If you would like to talk to someone who has felt this before and been through this experience, I invite you to hop on my calendar for a free 20-min consultation.

I utilize my training as a postpartum doula and NICU breastfeeding specialist and incorporate my experiences as the mother of a micro-preemie born at 26 weeks to offer the highest level of care to families.

Mothers of preterm infants experience more incidents of postpartum depression than those whose infants are delivered term. Postpartum support has proven to reduce the risk of postnatal depression and sleep deprivation. As a result, it enhances parental bonding and allows new parents to rebuild physically, mentally and emotionally.Preemie Doula Care

Virtual Support

These one-on-one, 75-minute, sessions offer guidance on caring for yourself and your preemie while in the NICU or at home.

We have a conversation about your goals and experiences, and I share strategies and recommendations for you and your preemie.

You leave the session with a plan, which optimizes your goals and includes tips for bonding with your baby, self-care, and maintaining a manageable daily routine.

In-Home Support

In-person care offers you an opportunity to rest while your baby is well cared for in the comfort of your own home.

Support may include:

  • Managing the NICU stay
  • Premature infant care education
  • Emotional recovery from childbirth
  • Infant feeding
  • Managing infant reflux
  • Infant sleep pattern conditioning
  • All non-medical baby care
  • Family support


As a fellow preemie parent, I understand how crucial support is for families, no matter where they are in the world.

That’s one reason I’m honored to offer my services; not only locally in Los Angeles, but also globally.

Virtual Support
Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime or WhatsApp
75 minutes | $187

In-Person Support
Home or Hospital
4-hours | $650

Complimentary Consultation

If you’re in need of support, I would like you to know I’m here for you and your family, every step of the way, and it doesn’t matter where you may live.

I invite you to schedule a consultation today and see how I may assist you on your journey.

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