Nurturing Families: 10+ Years and Counting

Katrina Nelson is a family attunement specialist. 

She began her studies in 2009, with a focus in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum support.  In 2012, Katrina became ICEA certified as a childbirth educator and DONA certified as a postpartum doula.  

Along the way, she’s trained in RIE® Foundations, Ayurveda for the childbearing year, Steiner for the early years and Montessori for babies.  

In 2013, she was featured in The Milky Way breastfeeding documentary and is a board member of The Milky Way Foundation. 

The mother of a preemie, she completed studies in 2018 to become a NICU Breastfeeding Specialist and mentors doulas through her training “Supporting NICU Families.”


Katrina’s practice is influenced by the ‘ethos’ of “Parenting from the Inside Out” and the aggregated knowledge of her professional experience and training.  

In a time where information is plentiful and experts are a google search away, Katrina seeks to offer families guidance by having them ask themselves the questions to intuit their own path as parents.  

Driven by the knowledge, successful birth and postpartum outcomes are greatly enhanced when parents are supported; she’s provided postpartum care to families days, nights and virtually and labor support at home and hospital births.  

The present iteration of her practice is focused on holistic sleep shaping and nighttime parenting support.  She educates and teaches families how to create rest for their newborn family.  

While Katrina is based in Los Angeles, she supports families around the world.  Regardless of where you are in your parenting journey, Katrina is excited to support your family. 


I met Katrina through a birthing class, and she was a blessing in our lives. Not only did her patient and non-judgmental demeanor boost our confidence that we could handle childbirth and parenting, but her presence throughout the pregnancy, at our birth, and in the postpartum period was helpful in ways that defy description.


A friend referred me to Katrina after the birth of our premature twins. Katrina's knowledge of the NICU world and her sensitivity to family dynamics helped guide and ground us through this challenging period.


Katrina was my postpartum doula after the birth of my first child. A last-minute c-section resulted in a tough recovery. She was very helpful and supportive during this time, bringing forth a calm and stable energy when she would visit my family.


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