Night Doula Rates

As someone who has personally invested in doula support and concierge pediatric care, I have firsthand experience of the invaluable nature of these services and the priceless outcomes they bring during pregnancy and newborn parenting journeys.


Families may choose from two types of night support: night shifts only or comprehensive concierge care, which includes overnight doula support.

Night Shifts Only

Rates for night doula shifts, scheduled from 10 pm to 6 am, are $720 per night, excluding weekends and holidays.

Comprehensive Concierge Care

Comprehensive concierge care starts at $26,600 and includes:

  • Overnight postpartum shifts
  • In-person daytime postpartum visits
  • Sleep coaching support and guidance until your baby is 5 months old
  • Virtual and in-person support from booking through service completion

This service is ideal for families who desire access to a newborn care expert for the first few months of their baby’s life.

Live-In Support Rates and Bespoke Options

The day rate for live-in support is $2,200, based on a 16 hour day. Clients within a 20 mile service area may book without any minimum duration. Families residing outside of Los Angeles are invited to book a minimum of 7 days for this service.

Bespoke premium options available: traveling with family, 10-hour to 12-hour night shifts, weekends, holidays, and custom hours. Please inquire for pricing.

Night Doula Pricing FAQs

May I request a customized pricing package based on my specific needs and preferences?

Certainly! I work closely with clients to create customized service offerings based on their specific needs and preferences.

Are payment plans or financing options available for night doula services?

For clients booking before their baby arrives, 50% retainer is due at booking, and the remaining balance is due when overnight service begins.

For families booking immediate in-home support, full payment is due at time of booking.

May I extend duration of night doula support beyond the initial booking length?

Yes, availability for extensions may be discussed and agreed upon based on calendar availability.

Weekly retainers are available as part of my bespoke service design. The retainer holds my future calendar for any potential extensions. I highly recommend this service for families who already know they may like maximum support.

Please note the maximum initial booking is 6 months.

Travel Rates

Are the rates for night doula services the same for different locations or regions?

Yes, the rates for night doula services are consistent across all locations, international and domestic.

Do night doula services have any additional costs associated with travel or accommodation?

For clients located within Los Angeles, there are no additional costs.

However, parking fees may be applicable for clients with permit parking or special parking situations. Fees may apply if support is required at a location other than the client’s specified service address at the time of booking.

For clients outside of Los Angeles, all travel fees, including transportation and accommodation, are the client’s responsibility; these fees are in addition to the booking fees.


To book night doula support, please use this link to schedule a Zoom or phone call with me to inquire about my availability for your preferred dates.

I look forward to answering your questions and supporting your family’s nighttime parenting needs.

Night doula rates are applicable for due dates through Fall 2023 and are subject to change.