Birth Trauma: Having Another Baby after a Traumatic Birth

Being pregnant again after a traumatic birth or high risk pregnancy is like walking through a field of memories and revisiting places you would rather not see again. It is not unusual to experience anxiety, self doubt and fear during your pregnancy.

Pregnant after a Traumatic Birth

Anxiety can come from unresolved trauma from your previous birth, as well as worrying about what could go wrong this time around.

Fear can come into play the closer you get to your due date and during routine tests, or milestones in your previous pregnancy or labor where things might have started to unravel.

Self doubt can arise at any point where we find ourselves trying to make the “perfect decision” to avoid our previous experience. This can result in procrastination, indecisiveness and looking to people outside ourselves to make the right choices for our family.

Pregnancy and birth are unpredictable by nature, most of the time things go well, but sometimes they just don’t. A way to set oneself up for a better experience is to accept that it will go how it goes on that day and in that moment.

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Interview with Natalie Robins :: Hypnobirthing Educator

UK based Natalie Robins is a childbirth educator and mother of one. She teaches Hypnobirthing, a style of birth preparation that uses affirmations, breathing and visualizations. Many mothers, including Natalie, have used hypnotherapy to have a calm and peaceful birthing experience.

“Words used in a positive way have a dramatic affect.”

Hypnobirthing Educator Natalie RobinsMany believe Hynobirthing will give them a pain-free labor, is this true?

I wish it were, but Hypnobirthing’s only promise is enabling women to have the best birthing experience for themselves and their baby.

That said, many mothers do say they experience a pain-free labor and I completely believe them.

I have thought about the idea of pain recently and why some women experience it and others do not. My conclusion is pain associated with fear is a bad thing. The pain associated with childbirth is understandable when you learn the biology and physiology of labor. This is addressed in the very first session of a Hypnobirthing course. When you understand why labor can be painful, you can prepare for how to deal with the sensations you may experience, and there is no longer a need to be fearful.

So like all things in Hypnobirthing, it depends on how you view things, positively or negatively? That is what will have the biggest impact on your birthing experience and the level of “pain” you may or may not experience.

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The Mama Method with Lauren Weisman

Today I have an interview with The Mama Method founder Lauren Weisman, a maternity fitness expert based in Los Angeles. Her method blends relaxation, yoga, barre, ballet, pilates and cardio, to guide you through pregnancy and birth with strength and confidence.

The Mama Method

What is the Mama Method?

The Mama Method is my movement arsenal specifically designed for pregnancy and new motherhood. I started my business because I found that there was a real need for individualized pre and postnatal fitness programs. Especially during a first pregnancy or as a first time mom, there are so many questions that arise surrounding healthful movement modalities. I love that I get to guide my women toward feeling their best in this hugely transitional time.

What inspired you to focus on supporting pregnant women and postpartum mothers?

I have always been interested in birth, motherhood and helping women. As a young child I remember asking my mom to repeat my birth story frequently. As a teenager, I volunteered at a women’s’ center. I took a course in college called ‘Feminism and Fertility’. There were probably many other hints along the way that the dots might connect in this capacity. When I moved to Los Angeles six years ago, I trained as a doula with DONA’s Debbie Lavin. I knew guiding women through such a pivotal moment in their lives would be a part of my work. Combining this skill set with my history as a dancer, fitness and yoga teacher created the Mama Method.

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