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Annie Haas singer/songwriter, artist, and photographer

Annie Haas

Annie Haas is a mother of 3, singer, artist and all around inspiring mom. Here she shares her bedtime routine, which is very much in the spirit of Dr. Sears Attachment Parenting philosophy. When you’re a parent, getting your child to sleep is important, and there are myriad ways to achieve this. So, while Annie’s family sleep routine has me looking for some lavender rub, remember every family’s style is based on their personal values and philosophies. There isn’t one right time or way to get your baby to sleep. You can visit Annie on Instagram for more information about her art, parenting and Waldorf home.

What ages are your children?

My children are very spread out! They are 15, 8, and 4.

How do you help them slow down towards evening?

My teen reads before bed, and I read and sing to my younger two. Sometimes they have a bath first but not every night. I use a lavender rub on their chest or chamomile tea especially if they need to calm down but sometimes they are so tired they don’t need it!

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Bedtime Stories

Today I’m introducing a new “Bedtime Stories” series, which is a lighthearted questionnaire for parents about family sleep routines.

"Bedtime Stories" by MotherUs

There are a myriad of methods to soothe your child to sleep, and each of us tries to find what works best for our family. For some that might mean separate beds, for others, co-sleeping. It could mean calling a professional to help your child sleep better, or reading a book about it. At the end of the day, if everyone is happy and well rested, it all works. This questionnaire will explore the different ways families sleep.

For the first in the series, I will kick it off by interviewing myself! Here is “Bedtime Stories,” with Katrina Nelson, by MotherUs:

MU: What ages are your children?

KN: My son, Sebastian, is 5 and and my daughter, Leonie, is 2 going on 5.

MU: How do you help them slow down towards evening?

Some days a walk after dinner; dim lights, bedtime stories and most days a warm bubble bath.

gnomes by wil huygen

MU: Do you have a set bedtime?

Absolutely. Since daylight savings time we moved to 7pm give or take a ½ hour either way depending how the day has flowed. Last fall/winter it was 6pm sharp and they both slept until 6/6:30am.

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