Bedtime Stories :: Annie Haas

Annie Haas singer/songwriter, artist, and photographer

Annie Haas

Annie Haas is a mother of 3, singer, artist and all around inspiring mom. Here she shares her bedtime routine, which is very much in the spirit of Dr. Sears Attachment Parenting philosophy. When you’re a parent, getting your child to sleep is important, and there are myriad ways to achieve this. So, while Annie’s family sleep routine has me looking for some lavender rub, remember every family’s style is based on their personal values and philosophies. There isn’t one right time or way to get your baby to sleep. You can visit Annie on Instagram for more information about her art, parenting and Waldorf home.

What ages are your children?

My children are very spread out! They are 15, 8, and 4.

How do you help them slow down towards evening?

My teen reads before bed, and I read and sing to my younger two. Sometimes they have a bath first but not every night. I use a lavender rub on their chest or chamomile tea especially if they need to calm down but sometimes they are so tired they don’t need it!

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Interview with Erica Jago :: Co-Author of Art of Attention, Yoga Teacher and Artist

Erica Jago

One of the things I read early in my parenting journey, which really stuck with me, is our children mirror our behavior. After listening to Erica being interviewed on a podcast, where she spoke of becoming the best version of herself, in order to be the best guide for her students, I decided to reach out to her for this interview.

Erica Jago is an artist, designer and yoga teacher, in addition to being someone I’ve admired from afar since I discovered Art of Attention, a book she designed and co-authored. Although the book was written as a gift to yoga teachers, the lessons inside are universal for anyone wanting to challenge and improve him or herself.

You designed and co-wrote a beautiful book, the Art of Attention, which has inspired me so much in my doula practice; what could a pregnant mother or new parent learn from your book?

I’m so happy to hear this! Not having children myself, I can only relate to the idea of parenting. But as an adult, I find myself still learning how to nurture and care for my own inner child. The book, Art of Attention teaches ways to speak to your emotional body; feeling forgiveness as a release of tension in the body. In chapter two, we release blame in the solar plexus, which is a huge power loss. All of these universal lessons will assist you in becoming a clearer channel for yourself first, and others around you, second.

Why do you think it’s important to be your best self in order to teach others?

Conflict comes from when I’m living a contradiction. What I teach in the classroom must be a true reflection of what I live at home, otherwise I’m a fraud. Integrity is the utmost important attribute a human can obtain and a topic I cover a lot in my classes and retreats.

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Interview with Mitka :: Artist and Vintage Shop Owner

Moon In Leo Shop Mitka

I’m so excited to be sharing this interview with Mitka, artist, poetess and owner of Moon in Leo Shop, an online boutique that sells Jane Birkinesque vintage clothing. Here we talk about sustainable fashion, where to buy vintage, get inspired by a poem and learn a fail safe vegan banana bread recipe. Without further adieu…

What does making sustainable fashion choices mean?

Unfortunately, that’s a simple question with a complex answer!

Sustainability in fashion usually covers these areas and asks these questions:

What sort of reputation does the company have with environmental impact and treatment of employees?

Was the item ethically sourced?

These questions can be tricky to answer, because so often big brand companies mislead us; occasionally, research into the suspected company is required. Sadly, after researching and asking many questions, the answers are usually quite bleak. When I started trying to live a more sustainable life a few years back, it was all so hard for me to grasp. Because of this, I decided to only shop 2nd hand or, a relatively new and exciting term: ‘shop small’ (supporting small business, independent artists and makers with sustainable products that can be traced to the source). It can all be very confusing starting out. I recommend watching the documentary ‘The True Cost’ which explores the impact of ‘fast fashion’ on people and the planet.

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