The Golden Hour • Paula Cruz

27 Weeks

The Golden Hour or Magical Hour as it’s sometimes called is the uninterrupted skin-to-skin time experienced by mother and baby in the hour immediately following birth.

As mothers of preemies and NICU babies, we often wait days, and sometimes weeks to hold our babies for the first time.

And though we’ve waited, when the time comes for us to revisit the golden hour we missed following our births, we feel just as bonded to our babies, and the moment is equally unforgettable.

Paula shares her story.

During your pregnancy, when you thought about meeting your baby for the first time, what did you hope for, what did you see?

I thought the first time meeting Cédrik would be in the delivery room with the doctor putting him on my chest so we could bond while my husband would be hugging us after cutting the umbilical cord.

How many weeks pregnant were you when you gave birth?

27 weeks

What was your baby’s birth weight?

720 g

Were you able to see, touch or hold your baby immediately after the birth?

No, I wasn’t aware in the moment of birth, I lost too much blood and probably passed out.

When did you see your baby for the first time?

48 hours after in the incubator.

Do you remember the first time you touched your baby?

Yes, it was 3 days after he was born and he was doing his “solarium” 😀 UV lights for the skin and I touched his feet.

How many days old was your baby when you held him the first time?

It was 21 days after he was born and I for some reason decided on that day to go a little bit prettier to the hospital and when we arrived there the nurse asked if I wanted to hold him, I had no fear or concerns I just wanted to hold him finally.

How did it feel, to finally hold your baby in your arms?

It felt right it felt warm and loving a great accomplishment.

What would you say to the mother, who’s just given birth prematurely and hasn’t held her baby yet?

It will happen sooner then you expect but it will happen. Don’t worry about anything, just enjoy the moment, take as many pictures as you can, and keep something that’s allowed in the incubator in your bra, so when you leave, he or she will still feel you around.