Interview with Mimi :: Creator of Organic Mama


Today we have an interview with Mimi, a mother of twins and the owner of Organic Mama, a U.K. based company specializing in natural teething jewelry. Despite having her hands full with two 21 month old toddlers, Mimi runs a bustling business that ships worldwide. Her company has grown quickly since its inception in 2015 and is now adding teething bracelets and new necklace designs to their repertoire.

What inspired you to start Organic Mama?

After I gave birth to my twin girls, I quickly realized that I couldn’t wear my pre baby jewelry. I always loved wearing statement pieces but it wasn’t safe to wear for fear of my girls breaking them. I also noticed they would try to chew on my necklaces and that is when I was inspired to create our Teething Jewelry Collection, statement pieces of jewelry that look fabulous on mama and are beneficial for children. From there I partnered with two major swaddle blanket brands that do super trendy designs and added organic products for the little ones which couldn’t be found in chain stores. Then I designed our organic children’s clothes and accessories.

Is your store evolving into the business you envisioned?

I am so proud of how far Organic Mama has come in such little time, we are continuing to grow everyday and have customers worldwide! We have collaborated with so many amazing companies and have some exciting collaborations coming up this summer. I absolutely love what we do and how it benefits mothers worldwide and am excited to see where the future takes us.

We all know so much about the benefits of buying organic produce, what are the benefits of buying organic products for your baby?

Babies are sensitive and we have to nuture their innocence. There are so many additives and toxins in most main stream baby products which aren’t needed. Organic baby products eliminate the worry for parents and ensure that our babies are getting natural, toxin free alternatives.

Three out of five families I meet have Sophie the Giraffe, me included, besides the style and handmade aspect, how does your teething jewelry improve on the mass-produced classic teething toy?

What a great question! Our Teething Jewelry ensures mama’s stay stylish and on trend, whilst being super beneficial at the same time. They increase tactile awareness, create focus during breastfeeding and ease sore gums when baby is teething. Mama’s needn’t worry about going out and little dropping their Teether on the dirty floor! Plus it’s lovely for mama and baby to enjoy cuddle time whilst reaping these amazing benefits.

The Muslintree swaddle blankets are absolutely stunning! What is your best selling color?

Our best selling color has to be the pink swan design. It’s utterly gorgeous!

If you could gift one item from your store to a newly pregnant friend what would it be?

I would have to say one of our Teething Necklaces! They can be worn from newborn onwards and have so many benefits that I would want her to experience.

Do you have any new products on the horizon?

We have some new Teething Necklace and Teething Bracelet designs releasing next week. We are so excited for everyone to see them, we love them and know you will too!



All photos courtesy of Mimi and Organic Mama