Newborn Night Care Essentials

Newborn Night Care Essentials is an offering for families who don’t plan to have long-term assistance with their baby, but would like support immediately following the birth.

This package offers support to parents during their first few nights home, so they’re better rested and ready to care for baby on their own. I impart newborn care techniques with a focus on attachment parenting and RIE, so families can navigate the fourth trimester smoothly.

I assist parents with all aspects of baby care and guide them through the evening hours at home with their newborn. I am a resource for questions related to breastfeeding, bottle feeding, (or both), and can offer information on helpful nursery items, diapering gear, babywearing, bathing techniques and strategies to calm baby.

Newborn Night Care Essentials

Short-Term Newborn Packages:

3 nights (30 hours) – $75/hr.
Night 1 – 12 hours
Night 2 – 10 hours
Night 3 – 8 hours

5 nights (50 hours) – $65/hr.
Night 1 – 12 hours
Night 2 – 10 hours
Night 3 – 10 hours
Night 4 – 10 hours
Night 5 – 8 hours

In-home newborn care available up to 12-weeks and beyond.

I work locally in Los Angeles and offer travel for families both domestically and internationally.

Long-term discounts available.

Please contact me here to book a short-term postpartum doula package for immediately following your birth.