Mother Us Spotlights: Mutter Belly Oil


There are debates about the efficacy of belly oils for preventing stretch marks, but it doesn’t hurt to hydrate and moisturize your skin during pregnancy. Mutter is a Berlin based maternity skincare company inspired by a conversation between Ralu and her mother.

Mutter OIls

Last year while we were on the beach, I asked: “Mom, how come you don’t have any stretch marks on your belly?” And she said: “Remember the little bottle of olive oil I always have in my bathroom cabinet? I used that. Pretty much every day. Nothing fancy, you see. Very simple, yet very effective. I’m still using it as my daily body moisturizer – it’s all natural and does the job.”

Mutter Olive Farm

Mutter Olive Farm

Mutter Belly Oil is 100% natural and made in small batches, from olives handpicked on a family farm in Puglia, Italy. Their Orange and Lemon Belly Oils are a combination of freshly picked oranges and lemons, combined with olives, which keep the oils free from fragrance and coloring agents.

Mutter Belly Oil

Mutter Belly Oil

To ease the discomfort of your skin stretching and help prevent stretch marks, the oils can be used throughout pregnancy and afterwards.

For more information about Mutter, visit their Instagram.

All photos courtesy of Mutter OIls