The Mama Method with Lauren Weisman

Today I have an interview with The Mama Method founder Lauren Weisman, a maternity fitness expert based in Los Angeles. Her method blends relaxation, yoga, barre, ballet, pilates and cardio, to guide you through pregnancy and birth with strength and confidence.

The Mama Method

What is the Mama Method?

The Mama Method is my movement arsenal specifically designed for pregnancy and new motherhood. I started my business because I found that there was a real need for individualized pre and postnatal fitness programs. Especially during a first pregnancy or as a first time mom, there are so many questions that arise surrounding healthful movement modalities. I love that I get to guide my women toward feeling their best in this hugely transitional time.

What inspired you to focus on supporting pregnant women and postpartum mothers?

I have always been interested in birth, motherhood and helping women. As a young child I remember asking my mom to repeat my birth story frequently. As a teenager, I volunteered at a women’s’ center. I took a course in college called ‘Feminism and Fertility’. There were probably many other hints along the way that the dots might connect in this capacity. When I moved to Los Angeles six years ago, I trained as a doula with DONA’s Debbie Lavin. I knew guiding women through such a pivotal moment in their lives would be a part of my work. Combining this skill set with my history as a dancer, fitness and yoga teacher created the Mama Method.

Is the Mama Method safe to do up until delivery?

Yes. A doctor’s consent is required anytime during pregnancy, but because the current program is so customized and modified to the individual, I create sessions that help my mamas right up to their births.

When do you resume the Mama Method with your clients postpartum?

Actually many of my clients find me after having their babies. This is the time when they want to feel good in their new bodies but don’t know what exercise will allow them to keep up their milk supply or how to heal their diastasis recti. As long as your doctor has given you the green light to resume exercise, we are good to go. Typically, the earliest I will see a new mama is four weeks after a vaginal delivery and six to eight weeks after a cesarean. Though a client I worked with weekly throughout her pregnancy resumed sessions with me just two and a half weeks post birth! Of course, her doctor gave her the go ahead and she is insanely strong. 🙂

What do you believe is the greatest benefit of a consistent fitness practice during pregnancy and postpartum?

Fitness is critical for everyone and will always contribute to your life positively. The science is very clear on this. You will feel better physically if you move. You will be happier if you feel better physically! For a woman who is going through a major life change and massive bodily transformation, a physical practice is essential.

Do you have a personal practice?

I am extremely attuned to what my body is calling for which very often is rest! My current schedule has me teaching publicly and privately training over twenty hours a week. When I have time, I take yoga, cardio and barre classes or give myself five to ten minute training sessions at home.

What is inspiring your work right now?

My clients are always my inspiration. It is beyond gratifying to be a part of the journey. I feel very honored to serve as coach and confidante and to fuel my women with my investment and belief in them.

If there was one thing you could say to a pregnant mom, who is past her estimated due date and feeling uncomfortable, what would it be?

Ha! Great question. Hmmmm…

  1. This will not last forever! In fact, this phase will be over so very soon.
  1. You should be so proud of yourself for making such a great home that your babe just doesn’t want to leave!
  1. Do whatever you need to do to feel most comfortable. Break out the sweats, go on a walk, soak in the tub, cry a little, indulge in a treat, make sure to laugh and trust that it’s all happening as it should.

The Mama Method

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    I love her individualized approach to working with mamas. It’s so holistic.

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