Interview with Elke Seyser :: Author of “The Superfoods”

The Superfoods

Elke is a Paris based, multilingual, holistic nutritionist, surfer and mother of one. Here we talk about what inspired her to write a children’s book with nutrition at its core. The Superfoods is a wonderful little read, teaching children the effects of sugar on their bodies, written in English, German, French and Spanish. The story is simple for a child to understand and it goes quickly too, something I love in a children’s book.

What sparked your idea to do the children’s book?

I work as a holistic health coach and believe food is medicine; I don’t feed myself to be full, but to nourish my body. I am also a mother and which mother doesn’t want their child to pick healthier food choices. That said, it was way easier when we wrote that book, as my son was 6 years old, now he is almost 10 and unfortunately his food choices are a lot different. I do hope I have created a healthy basis and at some point he will come back to this basis.

What made you decide to do the book in 4 languages?

You know I am originally from Germany but over the past 20 years I have lived in 4 different countries and travelled a lot. Languages were always my thing and always came easy to me. I am a strong believer you can’t start early enough to learn another language. My son is fluent in 3 languages but I never forced him nor made him study at an early age, he learned it by listening. I always say when they are born their brains still have room, so fill it up with some useful stuff. So we just wrote it in our languages, French, English and German plus we added Spanish.

The Superfoods by Elke Seyser

Was your son involved in every step of the book, as far as dialogue and artwork?

He was definitely the creator of the story. We do live in a small apartment in Paris and it happened to be a rainy day, so I usually bake or cook on those days with my son and we were just sitting there thinking how we could get children to make better food choices. So we thought what kids like and my son said superheroes and off we went creating our superheroes, the superfoods. The illustrations we have to credit our California friend Catherine Clark, who works as a graphic designer in Denmark. So we had several Skype sessions with her to get to where we wanted the illustration. Working with her was great and she did an excellent job in creating the illustrations the way we had imagined them.

How long did it take you to do?

The outline of the story was made really quickly, in one rainy afternoon. Once you have the story, the real work starts putting it into words and picture. So as mentioned above, we had some meetings over Skype with Catherine in Denmark to get the illustrations done and we had people proofread the text which all took time.

What do you want children to take away from reading the book?

The main thing was to get kids acquainted with food, healthy food in a playful way. Obviously this book is for small children and I think you can’t start early enough to introduce them to simple, healthy food.

What is your favorite healthy desert?

Haha… Good question. I am usually so full by the time it comes to desert that I rarely have one. Also I do avoid sugar most of the time. But I do have a favorite snack, as a minimalist this snack is very simply but for me belongs to snack heaven: A sliced apple dipped in either peanut or almond butter. Also I do snack on dark chocolate every now and then.

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