Valentine’s Day Flowers

It’s not surprising to me that studies have shown flowers to have a beneficial impact on our moods. In my neck of the woods Valentine’s Day is synonymous with red roses, oftentimes but not always surrounded by baby’s breath.

Pink and Purple Flowers

Here I have a combination of purple Anemones and red Carnations, along with some flowers the flower man told me were Australian something or the other.  I should have written down the name, because I can’t remember it for the life of me.  I took it to my favorite nursery and was told it could be Australian Boronia, but I’m not convinced.

Anemones are thought to bring good fortune and protection against the more unsavory things life has to offer.

Carnations, specifically red ones, represent love and devotion.

I love roses as much as the next gal, okay “really”, I love garden roses as much as the next gal…but there’s something about the more delicate, less thorny and overlooked flowers that always catch my eye.