I’m a DONA certified postpartum doula, and NICU Breastfeeding Specialist, and I specialize in supporting families with preemies.

Despite our best intentions, sometimes pregnancy and childbirth do not go according to plan. I offer support and education for NICU and preemie families who need guidance during this time.

I utilize my training as a certified birth professional, and incorporate my experiences as a mother of a micro preemie, born at 26 weeks, to provide the highest level of care to families.

Postpartum care has been proven to reduce the risk of postnatal depression and sleep deprivation. It also enhances parental bonding and allows new parents to rebuild, both physically and emotionally.

Preemie and Premature Birth Doula Care

Postpartum Doula Support for Premature Babies

In-Home Support:

In-home support enables parents to rest and recuperate, in the comfort of their home, while their baby is being well cared for by a newborn care specialist.

Infant Feeding Support: Helping to identify signs of hunger, fullness cues, and burping. Assistance with bottle and breastfeeding.

All non-medical baby care, including diapering, bathing, and soothing techniques.

Infant Sleep Pattern Awareness: Identifying signs of sleepiness in preemies and setting an age-appropriate day and nighttime schedule if desired.

Family Support: Assisting with sibling care and accompanying mother and infant to doctor appointments. Educating additional family and/or nanny on infant’s care.

Professional referrals for mom and baby to other care providers as needed. i.e. doctors, car seat technicians, perinatal counselors, infant massage, home chef’s etc.

Emotional Recovery from Childbirth: Support with sleep deprivation and/or baby blues. (Mothers of preterm infants experience more incidents of postpartum depression.)

Premature Infant Care Education: Bringing your preemie home, preparing for visitors, choosing a pediatrician, and setting up your nursery. Tools to help you balance follow-up care and appointments, along with bonding and rest.

Managing infant reflux, which is common in babies born premature.

NICU Education: If a baby is admitted to the NICU, I can assist parents and family in navigating that experience. I familiarize parents with NICU hospital procedures, and guide them in communicating with medical staff.

Phone Consultations:

If you are outside of the Los Angeles area, or unable to meet in person, I offer phone consultations for parents of premature infants and give guidance on caring for preemies while in the NICU or at home.

Over the course of an hour long phone conversation we can assess your personal experience and discuss initial strategies and practices that may benefit you and your baby.

We will make a plan, which optimizes bonding with your baby, recovery and recuperation for your family, and maintaining a manageable daily routine.

In addition to phone sessions, I am also available for follow up questions via email and text.

My support includes ongoing recommendations and resources for additional care that can benefit premature babies and their caregivers.


Telephone Consultation – $75. 60 mins.
Initial In-home Consultation – $450. 90 mins.
Daytime Support – $300. 3 hrs.
Nighttime Support

I work locally in Los Angeles and offer travel for families domestically and internationally.

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If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, please contact me for more information: