Victoria Chestnut 34 Weeks Premature Birth

The Golden Hour • Victoria Chestnut

34 Weeks

Victoria’s son Kylor Barry was born unexpectedly premature at 34 weeks for an unknown reason. He struggled in the NICU with jaundice and temperature regulation before being discharged 3 weeks after his birth.

During your pregnancy, when you thought about meeting your baby for the first time, what did you hope for?

I hoped for that special moment when you get to hold your baby for the first time, snuggle with them, latch them. The moment you don’t have to give them away to anyone and that babe becomes everything.

How many weeks pregnant were you when you gave birth?

34 weeks

What was your baby’s birth weight?

4lbs 11oz

Were you able to see, touch or hold your baby immediately after the birth?

He was placed on my chest for about 30 seconds. I looked and I was like he can’t breathe he’s choking. The NICU team was already trying to rush and get him but that made them pick up speed. They took him away and his Dad followed him.

Victoria Chestnut 34 Weeks Premature Birth

The very first time Victoria held her son.

When did you see your baby again after he was rushed to the NICU?

It was roughly an hour after he was born when my fiancé was able to take me down to the NICU to see him.

Do you remember the first time you touched your baby?

The first time was terrifying because he was choking, he wasn’t crying and he couldn’t breathe. They took him away so quickly when they realized after I told them. It was an experience like no other.

How many days old was your baby when you held him the first time?

1 day old.

How did it feel, to finally hold your baby in your arms?

When I was able to finally hold him and snuggle him I was so relieved. He was okay. He was clean, he fell asleep on me. He was finally here. He was my baby.

What would you say to the mother, who’s just given birth prematurely and hasn’t held her baby yet?

Visit them, hold their hand. Talk to them. Because that moment when you finally get them in your arms is the best moment you will have. It’s a feeling like no other.

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