Interview with Mitka :: Artist and Vintage Shop Owner

Moon In Leo Shop Mitka

I’m so excited to be sharing this interview with Mitka, artist, poetess and owner of Moon in Leo Shop, an online boutique that sells Jane Birkinesque vintage clothing. Here we talk about sustainable fashion, where to buy vintage, get inspired by a poem and learn a fail safe vegan banana bread recipe. Without further adieu…

What does making sustainable fashion choices mean?

Unfortunately, that’s a simple question with a complex answer!

Sustainability in fashion usually covers these areas and asks these questions:

What sort of reputation does the company have with environmental impact and treatment of employees?

Was the item ethically sourced?

These questions can be tricky to answer, because so often big brand companies mislead us; occasionally, research into the suspected company is required. Sadly, after researching and asking many questions, the answers are usually quite bleak. When I started trying to live a more sustainable life a few years back, it was all so hard for me to grasp. Because of this, I decided to only shop 2nd hand or, a relatively new and exciting term: ‘shop small’ (supporting small business, independent artists and makers with sustainable products that can be traced to the source). It can all be very confusing starting out. I recommend watching the documentary ‘The True Cost’ which explores the impact of ‘fast fashion’ on people and the planet.

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Interview with Elke Seyser :: Author of “The Superfoods”

The Superfoods

Elke is a Paris based, multilingual, holistic nutritionist, surfer and mother of one. Here we talk about what inspired her to write a children’s book with nutrition at its core. The Superfoods is a wonderful little read, teaching children the effects of sugar on their bodies, written in English, German, French and Spanish. The story is simple for a child to understand and it goes quickly too, something I love in a children’s book.

What sparked your idea to do the children’s book?

I work as a holistic health coach and believe food is medicine; I don’t feed myself to be full, but to nourish my body. I am also a mother and which mother doesn’t want their child to pick healthier food choices. That said, it was way easier when we wrote that book, as my son was 6 years old, now he is almost 10 and unfortunately his food choices are a lot different. I do hope I have created a healthy basis and at some point he will come back to this basis.

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