Bonding Tips for Babies and Toddlers


The birth of a child is one of the most amazing and intense moments to experience and be a witness to.  As a parent and birth professional I feel privileged to have experienced the former and the latter.

When we bond with our babies and children, we create a trust that sustains them and us through those inevitable all-nighters that often happen to us parents.  It also gives us the confidence to parent using our own judgment when we’re receiving varying advice from well meaning friends and family.

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Valentine’s Day, what is it really?!

As a small child my first exposure to Valentine’s Day was a big giant pink Hello Kitty basket I received as a gift. At school we would make little valentines cards for each other and eat those little pastel heart shaped candies with “be mine” and “love” on the top. Even as an adult Valentine’s Day had superimposed itself over my childhood experiences in a much grander fashion.

Purple Flower Valentine's Day

I love orchids and chocolates, but there had to be more to it than that!

I never felt motivated to investigate it any further, but one day while reading a book called Living Yoga I came upon a possible answer…

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LOVE • A Definition 

Birds Japanese Garden

When you grow up in a big family and happen to be one of the youngest, the word love is something you can’t remember not knowing.  You may not know how to spell it or exactly what it means, but you know it must be something really special, because everyone says it to you all the time and it’s usually accompanied by a hug, pat on the head or a kiss on the cheek.

As a parent I’ve found the best way to teach my son the concept of love is through my own actions.  It must be working, because I often hear my son telling our cat Earl Grey, how much he loves him.

The English word love goes back to Old English lufu a millennium ago, and it was the word you used when you desired or liked anything, or it pleased you.

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Valentine’s Day Flowers

It’s not surprising to me that studies have shown flowers to have a beneficial impact on our moods. In my neck of the woods Valentine’s Day is synonymous with red roses, oftentimes but not always surrounded by baby’s breath.

Pink and Purple Flowers

Here I have a combination of purple Anemones and red Carnations, along with some flowers the flower man told me were Australian something or the other.  I should have written down the name, because I can’t remember it for the life of me.  I took it to my favorite nursery and was told it could be Australian Boronia, but I’m not convinced.

Anemones are thought to bring good fortune and protection against the more unsavory things life has to offer.

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February – LOVE


I’m super excited to finally be launching this blog, which just so happens to be during the month of February, the shortest month in the year, the month of Valentine’s Day and my older sister’s birthday.

The journey towards this moment started several months ago, with much introspection about what my true goals would be for a blog, and much contemplation about what time if any I could commit to this new endeavor.

After realizing the only way I would know for sure would be just to dive in, I set to work on what is now the current home for the Mother Us blog.

I hope you will stick around and accompany us on this journey.  In keeping with the theme of February and Valentine’s Day, this month will focus on all things LOVE.